©2019 Brave Love Women. Used with permission.

brave love is love with action 

who is it for?

Brave love is tailored towards women of all generations and of all nations.

Brave Love has no face, has no stereotype, and is not predictable.


Brave Love is for the woman who is a CEO.

Brave Love is for the mum at home with three pre-schoolers.

Brave Love is for the single woman navigating her way through a world focused on finding love. 

Brave Love is for the 18-year-old who has left high school and is starting out at university.

Brave Love is for the woman who works two jobs to support her family.

Brave Love is for the woman who is taking steps forward in her career.

Brave Love is for the woman whose children have left home.

Brave Love is for the new grandmother.

Brave Love is the woman who is now retired.


Brave Love is for every single one of you! As you are – willing to let God speak and show you why he created you and what it is that you bring to this world of his.

Brave Love will create a woman in you who will say yes to God in all situations. Saying yes despite all circumstances, with no excuses. 


Brave Love will unveil what God has given you, what he has woven into your design. It will empower you to live out that message with courage. 

Brave Love is connecting the desire of God’s heart to see you, His daughter activated in His courage and His love. 


Brave Love is about you connecting with God, your Father and finding out what you are capable of with Him.

Brave Love motivates us to look out and to love others from our own understanding of how much God loves us.


Brave Love opens our eyes to see the power of what love can look like when you give it away. 

Brave Love lets us face the scary, the overwhelming and the impossible with courage.


Brave Love is each woman knowing that what they have to bring to the world is powerful and effective. 

You are the catalyst and pioneer of everything He has made you to be and do. 


Brave Love is Jesus. Brave Love is Jesus in you. You are Brave Love.